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I was given a bottle of Fresh Elixir because I garden, a lot. It was lightly explained to me where it came from and what it was

basically for. My garden has problems and needed help fast.

A couple of weeks ago my beautiful baby Avocado tree wasn't as shinny as it was last time I showed it off. In fact it developed this

awful looking spotting problem that was on all the leaves. Yellowing and rotting away the leaves and it was spreading to my other trees.

I looked up the solution, none were organic and used one of the harshest chemicals on the market (of course allowed to be used freely

and liberally according to the instructions).

Besides the "other" usual problems faced with organic gardening, bugs, leaf powdering, over watering, under watering and crowding,

I needed a nutrient infusion for the garden overall.

Then I sprayed some on a dying pepper plant that was over 1 year old. I just wanted to see what would happen. I also have a Pumpkin

patch for the Grand kids. The plants were out of control from the start. Right about the time I noticed the powdering start, I sprayed

as much of the plants as I could. I also sprayed several small Avocado trees I started from seed. I have some 67 vegetables growing

in several places, in the back, side and driveway of the house. So there is the

landscaping plants that need help too, because I just planted most of it. I sprayed some on our Vietnamese Lily, notorious for

fungi. My Fichus Trees got sprayed because it was showing signs of parasites and bugs.

3-4 days after I sprayed the Avocado tree, it showed new growth at all the points that I sprayed it (most of it). Amazing! Not

just new, but fast growth, the pictures included, tells it all. No rusty spots, all shinny like they are supposed to be. I am

trying to dwarf this tree, if it grows this fast, it's going to be hard to accomplish.

The Pepper plant I sprayed didn't come back from the dead, but suddenly it was covered with a familiar vine. This thing shot out of

nowhere and had to be restrained in a trellis. We tried all year for a cucumber plant to make it to fruit. They all fail or were

devoured by the friendly pill bugs. When I first saw this one it had 10 plus flowers on it already. Very small leaves compared to

last time I grew huge vines of cucumbers (300+). Apparently I sprayed this plant when I thought I was spraying the pepper plant.

It now covers a 4X4 trellis, with lots of ,well, CANTALOUPES. Now that it has fruit, I know what the thing is. It completely covers

the trellis.

The pumpkin Patch continued out of control. it grew over 40 feet long now. I planted 8 plants, 4 different varieties. The planter they

crawled out of is 2 - 3 feet off the grass area where they are still looking good. Sprayed the top part where everything is dying

and powdering. There is so much new growth in only 5 days, I can no longer walk at the top. More flowering down below and above

in the new growth. A week earlier, it broke thru the fence and is now 12 feet into the front yard, with Pumpkins. All existing vines are

branching out sideways and there are more new pumpkins everyday.

The Vietnamese Lily is growing new plants at the bottom, all fungi is now gone. The Fichus shrubs I sprayed that had Thrips are clean with

very little damage to bark or leaves. The small Plumeria I sprayed is a deep green and very leafy compared what they looked like when I

first got them. All the others have various problems. I sprayed a plant that the dog walker pooches use for a urinal. It has improved

despite doggy depot derelicts.

I have not fertilized anything this year (I rarely do) and the pumpkin soil is mostly clay, but was planted with a small amount of really good

soil. I did add cornmeal to the soil on infected avocados. I don't believe it has been long enough for it to effect the tree, plus direct

spraying on the leaves proved to be better for absorption. It has over 2 feet of new growth.

I believe the improvement my garden got from Growth Guardian Fresh Elixir is just short a miracle, two huge green thumbs up!!

Below are before and after pictures of the experience I had with this product


































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