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The photos above you can see the same parts of the tree since the angle of the photos are slightly different. The
density of the blooms is significant. There is also no fungus on the tree. In the left photo, notice the lack of
blossoms on the branches from the Red Delicious tree in the right side of the photo. Those high branches didn't get
sprayed with GGFE. The lack of blossoms like on the Gravenstein is what always occurred with these
trees for the years before I sprayed with GGFE.

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The rose is still putting out new growth
and none of the leaves have fungus.
We're in the redwood forest and this
is fungus heaven.

Here's a follow up photo of the Choctaw Blackberry cane nearly three
weeks after spraying with GGFE. It is still blooming and there is no
fungus damage. This picture was taken after nearly six days of
continuous rain and drizzle typical of the north coast. The
apple trees also have no infections. The rose has no infection.







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